Cucumber Seed Oil

Cucumis sativus, Cucurbitaceae

Cucumber Seed Oil Cucumber Oil is extracted from the seeds of the cucumber through a process called cold-pressed extraction. The seeds from the cucumber are ground to a fine paste, then slowly stirred until the paste clumps. Then the paste is pressed to release the oil, which is carefully filtered to obtain a clear yellow oil with a mild aroma of fresh cucumber.

There is minimum heat used when gathering oil through cold-pressed extraction. This process yields less oil than with the use of heat but it is of a higher quality, as heat can degrade the oil’s properties.

Cold Pressed Cucumber Seed Oil allows formulators to enhance shelf stable products with some of the more surprising benefits of the cucumber plant. This light, highly moisturizing oil can be used in a wide range of applications including soap making, masks, facials, body and massage oils, creams, lotions, and serums.

Cucumber Seed Oil contains about 14-20% oleic acid and 60-68% omega-3 linoleic acid. These oils make cucumber oil an ingredient of choice for moisturizing skin and hair. A high content of natural Vitamin E and phytosterols further enhance their protective and nutritive benefits and may help protect skin from free radicals associated with aging and increase stability and shelf life.

Cucumber Seed OIl contains a high amount of phytosterols which help the skin strengthen its lipid barrier, restore proper moisture balance, smooth the skin’s surface and improve skin elasticity. Phytosterols also nourish and stimulate skin cells to regenerate. The significant percentage of oleic and linoleic acids can be effective at treating dry skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, acne and sunburned skin. Cucumber Seed Oil is excellent for revitalizing mature or damaged skin.


Products that contain Cucumber Seed Oil

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