California Poppy

Eschscholtzia californica, Papaverceae

California Poppy The California Poppy is a perennial and annual plant, native to the United States, and the official state flower of California. Eschscholzia californica was named by the German botanist Adelbert von Chamisso after the Baltic German botanist Johann Friedrich von Eschscholtz, his friend and colleague on a scientific expedition to California and the greater Pacific in mid-1810s aboard the Russian ship Rurik.

California poppy leaves were used medicinally by Native Americans, and the pollen was used cosmetically. The seeds can be used in cooking.

Aqueous extract has sedative and anxiolytic action[1]
Extract from the California poppy acts as a mild sedative. The effect is far milder than that of opium. California poppy contains a different class of benzophenanthridine alkaloids[2] and is not addictive nor as effective as opiates. “An aqueous alcohol extract of Eschscholzia californica has been evaluated to induce peripheral analgesic effects in mice.”[3]

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