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Your Complete Guide to Medicinal Plants and Herbs

Welcome to herbinformation.org, where we are committed to bringing you current and comprehensive information to guide you in your selection of natural herbal remedies and to learn more about the herbs and plants that might provide them. As you will see from my bio, I have devoted my career to understanding and applying herbal science and have created this site to share my experiences with you. For current articles on herbal medicine check out Michael’s Mix , my blog which discuss everything from new herbal solutions to legal issues affecting the herbal industry. For descriptions and images of medicinal plants and herbs, check out Herbs A to Z,(link) where you will find detailed descriptions of botanical ingredients of herbs and how they are applied in herbal remedies. I also urge you to explore there rest of the site where you will find information about my Rhode Island based company, Apollo Herbs; consulting services, education programs, and other resources and testimonials. Thank you. Michael Steven Ford.